Discover the Benefits of Cowboy Boots

Discover the Benefits of Cowboy Boots

We asked our employees why they wear cowboy boots and much of what we heard was as follows... "I love cowboy boots, in fact I have fourteen pairs...and is a bit of an obsession."...we also heard... "I wear my boots daily, hard at work outside or going to the store...either way they're on my feet". Both of these statements ring true to our customers as well but how about our customers that are on the fence? Maybe you would like a pair of boots but cannot justify the price? Perhaps you do not see the benefits to wearing cowboy boots? We are here to help and dive into why you need a pair...or two! Cowboy boots are known for their functionality, comfort for everyday wear, keeping you safe and healthy or simply as a fashion piece.


Cowboy boots got their name from being worn by cowboys. Fast forward to today, they are still worn by cowboys but are also wildly worn for everyday wear and for work. More traditionally, Cowboy boots help a rider get up into a stirrup. As stated in a blog post from Stages West, the ease of this process can be affected by the "boots toe shape and heel". Many toe shape and heel combinations have been modernized to fit fashion needs while still seeking functionality. Cowboy boots are also manufactured to be waterproof. The waterproof coating that comes on some boots, keeps your feet dry in cold weather when mucking out stalls, on a job site or weekly yard work. If you are looking for a boot with a waterproof coating, seek out these brands in our store: Double H, Dan Post, Ariat, Twisted X and many more.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is one of the largest selling points for any piece of attire and can be especially desired and achieved in a pair of cowboy boots. Factually, when a cowboy boot is properly fit to your foot (the downfall of online sales), the design of a cowboy boot relieves your feet of daily ware. Medically speaking, in one of Deborah Ferguson's articles from NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth, she states: a pair of cowboy boots "reduces stress to Achilles tendon" . Whether you are looking for an everyday boot or work boot, there are many boot brands that we carry that offer a memory foam insole to aid in comfort. If you are seeking guaranteed comfort, brands to seek out are... Ariat, Twisted X, Rios of Mercedes, Lane, Horse Power Top Hands, Black Jack Boots and many more. While a boot can have many features that aid in comfort, they will only be beneficial to you if they fit properly. Being properly fit into your boot is of upmost importance. At Back to Basics, we fit everyone to find the boot that works best for their feet. An ill fitting boot, will cause stress to your foot overtime and will end up costing you. We help you get it right from the beginning!


Does your job present dangers to your feet? You may even be require to have steel toe boots. We have many boots that provide protection to your feet. A variety of boot brands provide steel toe and or composite toe options. Boots that do not have laces, eliminates the possibility of your boot getting caught in machinery or simply tripping on a loose lace. Both could cause an unwanted accident and lead to injury.  As stated in the same blog post from Stages West, a tall shafted boot provides "protection to your calf, ankle and foot from environmental factors". A pair of cowboy boots, can be one of the best ways to ensure safety on a daily basis.

A Fashion Statement

A fashion cowboy boot appeals to modern cowboys and cowgirls and really...everyone! A great fashion boot brand that we carry is Corral. Corral offers fashion boots for both men and women. We also have an exotic wall of boots that contain authentic exotic leathers for both men and women. Choose a boot that speaks to you! Maybe you want something with python or teju lizard leather! Or perhaps you want a vibrant color? Make a statement at your wedding with crackled white leather and sparkles. Any boot can be a fashion piece but Corral, Lane, Black Jack Boots, and Rios of Mercedes, all nail the aspect of fashion.

Time to get New Cowboy Boots

Now it is time for you to get a pair of new cowboy boots! Cowboy boots have it all! Whether you are looking for functionality, comfort for everyday wear, want to always keep yourself safe or simply wear them as a fashion statement, cowboy boots are beneficial to everyone. Maybe you have nearly twenty boots or maybe you just need somewhere to start. No matter the need, cowboy boots serve many purposes and each pair proves to be beneficial for longevity into the future.

We would be happy to help you get started on a pair of cowboy boots or add to your collection! Contact us today under our "contact us" tab.


We look forward to hearing from you!


-Sydney, Marketing

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