Our Extensive Boot Collection

Our Extensive Boot Collection

At Back to Basic's Western Wear we offer the widest selection of western wear in Central, Pennsylvania. Today, we will be focusing on our boots! We will be covering every boot brand that we carry in our store in Dillsburg, PA as of May 2024. We are progressively adding these brands to our online store. Again, we are constantly adding new brands to our store so this list will be ever changing.

  • Ariat

    • Ariat is one of the biggest brands in the boot game at the moment. The brand is known for their innovative technology and modern designs. Ariat has developed some of the most comfortable insoles while still remaining on trend with modern western fashion. The brand is at the top in the affordable boot category.

  • Black Jack

    • Black Jack is one of our highest demanded boots. This high end Texas made boot brand is know for their high quality leathers and detailed craftsmanship. Each Black Jack boot is one of a kind and provides almost
      instant comfort while still remaining classy.

  • Boulet

    • Boulet is our Canadian based boot company and a customer favorite! Boulet has been in the boot making industry since 1930! With that many years of experience Boulet has definitely figured out how to make beautifully crafted boots ranging anywhere from a classic, brown western boot, to some beautifully hand tooled leather vamps.

  • Black Star

    • Black Star is a sister company of Twisted X! Black Star women's boots, offer a step up from the classic Twisted X cowgirl boot with higher quality materials and eccentric designs.

  • Carolina

  • Corral

    • Gals and Guys love Corral for their eye-catching designs. From their innovative thread work, fun designs to glow in the dark options, Corral has it all! Corral is another top runner in the affordable boot category and remains a staple in high fashion and trends.

  • Dan Post

    • One of our most popular brands is definitely Dan Post. If you are looking for a classic black boot or maybe even python boots but are on a budget, Dan Post is the way to go. Dan Post has 5 decades to back the brand and customers love their comfortable fit and wide range of sizes.

  • Double H

    • Double H is undoubtedly our top selling, favorite work boot brand! Double H offers many styles of boots that are made in Martinsburg, PA! You will not find higher quality boots made in the USA at their price point! Double H's are known for their durability in the work wear game and offer many different options including composite toe, steel toe, met guards, waterproof and the list goes on!

  • Durango

    • Durango is a leading brand in the Rodeo world and we know why! Durango is one of our most diverse boot brands. Offering boots to fit each and every need. Whether you are looking for a simple boot to muck out stalls or a nice pair of leather bottoms to wear out on the town, Durango has you covered!

  • Georgia Boot

    • We have recently added Georgia Boot and love what they have to offer! If you are looking for a boot to take through mud and water, Georgia boot has you covered with their rubber boots and we look forward to adding more from the brand in the future.

  • Justin

    • Justin boots are one of the most well-known boot companies across the world. This makes sense as they have 125 years of experience to back them. Justin boots continue to impress us with their new yet simple designs. Another popular and superior option in the affordable boot game.

  • Lane

    • Lane is possibly our most popular ladies boot brand! Lane keeps it simple yet sophisticated and comfortable...what's not to love?!?! Lane is known for their blue leather bottoms and you may have seen them worn by many country artists: Megan Moroney can be seen sporting a pair of Lane's (that we carry) in "No Caller ID".

  • Lucchese

    • Lucchese is one of the most well known boot brands! The brand is known for being a staple in western wear; known for their high quality leather and craftsmanship.

  • Old Gringo

    • Old Gringo is another high end boot brand that every cowgirl loves! Old Gringo is know for their fun and zany designs. Their handcrafted boots reign supreme in the high end fashion category.

  • Rios of Mercedes

    • Rios of Mercedes is our newest high end brand that we have welcomed to our store and we are so glad we did! Rios of Mercedes is one of the highest quality boots on this list. They are a sister company of Anderson Bean (a very well known high end boot brand) and we continue to be impressed by their craftsmanship.

  • R Watson

    • If you are looking for a high quality boot, want to support a small business but are on a budget...you must try a pair of R Watson boots! R Watson does not cut ends! R Watson offers a step above some of our affordable boot brands but still remains to be budget friendly; they are the best of both worlds!

  • Roper

    • Roper is known for their "wear the west" slogan and we can see that throughout their brand. Whether you are looking for that classic brown western boot or want to had some flare to your everyday style, without "burning a hole in your wallet"... Roper has you covered! Roper even offers many different boots that offer a conceal carry option!

  • Stetson

    • Stetson's name speaks for itself and is known for their high-quality throughout the brand. The staple in cowboy hats is equally a staple in handcrafted boots with their sleek and crisp designed boots that everybody loves.

  • Tony Lama

    • Rewind your clock to 1887! That is when Tony Lama was first introduced and remains to be a staple today. Being a boot company for that long, this brand knows the boot game! Delivering the best of quality boots in high end western fashion with sleek designs....cowboys and cowgirls love Tony Lama boots!

  • Tin Haul

    • If you are looking to support a company with faith based morals then Tin Haul is for you! Tin Haul is a Christian/faith based company and this is shown through the threads and designs of each boot. Tin Haul is also known for their fun designs and pictures displayed on the bottom of their boots, while also having one of the most durable outsoles on the market!

  • Twisted X

    • If you are looking to give back through your purchase of boots (or shoes) then Twisted X will be your new best friend. Twisted X stands by everything they say; whether it is helping the planet, or giving back to the community Twisted X does it! Twisted X is also known for their comfortable and washable anti-microbial insoles.

Explore the West with Us.

We hope this quick boot guide helps you navigate each boot brand to find the perfect pair! Remember to take your time & explore different brands. At Back to Basic's Western Wear, we are committed to helping our customers find the perfect brand; the perfect boot for you! We cannot wait to explore the west with you, through every boot brand we carry.


We would be happy to help you get started with your first pair of cowboy boots or add to your collection!


Contact us today under our contact us tab on our website!

We look forward to working with you!


-Sydney, Marketing


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